Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey my unicorns/sweeties/lovebirds or whatever you'd like to be,
there are pretty exciting news!! I've got a new boyfriend! WOHOOOO!!! To be honest, I'm addicted to him. He's funny and always makes me smile like a 6-years old kid, who finally got his unnatural looking, blue coloured chewing gum ice cream. Even when I'm in such a bad mood, that I would rather lock myself into my room and produce a heart breaking video to Coldplay's "The Scientist". He accompagnies me really everwhere, there's almost no exception. Ok, the shower is still left, but I'm confident, we'll find a solution. :P Of course, we also already had our sad moments, he already made me cry like hell, close enough to look like the Niagara falls, but I'm still not mad at him: He did it in such a wonderful romantic way!! You have to know, at first we had a wonderful dinner, even with candle light and romantic Parisienne music: Simply the whole deluxe package. But then, out of the moment, he said these harsh mean words. Buuuut don't be worried, he apologizied already 2 minutes later, he simply is a real gentlemen, just as Algernon and Jack in the "Importance of Being Earnest".;) Also when he's not around, I can't stop thinking about him. He's like chocolate: You miss it the whole day and when you finally had your favourite bar, you can't stop thinking about it again. Ok yes, most of the time, because you already regret it, that you just ate a whole bar of chocolate in less than 10 minutes. Bye bye diet... Eating contest, here I come!! :D  He's just... really there are no words left to describe him, it's impossible, he's too perfect. Like Robert Pattinson in Twilight (Team Edward, whoop whoop! :D); the moment, when Kim Kardashian finally posts a new instagram picture (just kidding) or the sweet creme filling between the two chocolate wafers of an Oreo cookie. Yes, I rather like the filling instead of the wafer. ;) I really don't feel complete without him anymore, there's a part of me missing, imagine the Tour de France without Lance Armestrong, also impossible! Even if there are so many positive aspects and beautiful wonderful unique moments together, there won't be a future for the two of us, we're just not good for each other. Do you remember the famous scandalous couple Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil? Oooof course you do! The Two were the perfect example of an endless risky dangerous forbidden love, but influenced each other in a really bad way. RIP Amy Winehouse, still miss you so so badly.  I have to end our relationship as soon as possible until things get too serious and it'll hurt one of us too bad. Probably the person would be me, because I'm always the one, who gets too theatrical and dramatic and rapidly acts like Bridget Jones in one of her exaggerated midlife-crises. You also have to know, our relationship is pretty time intense, but everytime he wants to spend time with me, I can't say No. It's just like: He always gives me this super sweet hangdog look. Like the puss in boots in the movie "Shrek" , aawww, the picture of his cute look is again up in my mind, can't get it out of my head anymore. :D Therefore I got pretty careless towards spending time with my friends, follow my hobbies or studying for university. But the last one won't be such a big problem, I'm still confident, that my childhood dream of becoming an international topmodel, who's the global ambassador of Milka (ok, Lindt would be also great ;) ), will come true. Come on, it has to! Please don't say, I watched 5 seasons of Germany's next Topmodel for nothing. Heidi Klum, I took every advice of you seriously. Ok, to be honest, not every advice, I mean, how could you say fries are unhealthy?!? They're made out of POTATOES hahahaha. ;) Just kidding, my actual childhood dream was to turn myself into a fancy blowfish and become the new bff of Nemo. Ok, Dori would have also been an acceptable alternative as best friend, almost forgot her. ;) But back to reality, for the moment it doesn't seem to be Nemo wants to have me in his clique, so I have to face reality and take the responsibility for what I started. Wish me luck for the break-up!
P.S.: My boyfriend is called.... (drum-roll please).... Netflix. ;)

 Of course chocolate isn't missing. ;)

 Love is in the air... NETFLIX-LOVE! <3 :D

              Yeeess, I know, there's a hole in my sock. I'm a poor student hahaha :D



Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I'm in love. With all the flower beauties; my first tan tries (sunburned face hellooo) and all the hot sunbeams, which convert my room into a sauna during the day. Quite feeling like a vacuum which absorbs every little sunray. Or like the completely yellow colored shoe from the new Adidas X Pharrel Williams Collection, because I'm happyyy. I'm in love. With all the colourful new streetstyles, this one monotonous twittering bird in front of my window, which preventively should get inspired by his colleagues very very soon and the new upcoming music. My winter depression is definitely gone and I finally changed my favourite song from Sail into Dance, Dance, Dance. Actually caught me yesterday listening to "Wake me up, before you go go"; probably grandma's favourite song at the moment. I'm in love. With all my frustrated spring hairstyles for short hairs (damn new city, new life, new hairstyle-feeling, I want my long hair baaaaack) and all these cheerful Hippie Kiddies on the streets. Even those sulky, pushing and shoving men in suits, who always treat me as their punchbag in the heart of the city, can't get me down. 
Normally they make me feel so aggressiv as when the girl in a horror movie opens all the existing doors and windows in the middle of the night, runs outside and screams: " Is there somebody?". No girl, that was your teddy bear talking with you. I mean, where's the logic? Every normal girl would hide herself under her blanket (because monsters can't hurt you when you're protected by your blanket, of course) and quail for her life. That's why I hate horror movies, beside the fact, that I even can't sleep after a little trailer of a Horror movie. Buuuut you can be proud of me, I watched "The ring", the WHOLE film! Ok ok, during the half (scariest) part of the movie I analysed the palms of my hands hahaha.

Now, back again to the main topic, my FANTASTIC mood.All these latest positive impressions made me become mentally to a second Hulk(ine). I feel like I could jump into my Superman- pyjama and fight against the Phantasm .Or fly so high like all these little cartoon figures with their cute tiny wings in the Red Bull commercials. I even feel like climbing the MOUNT EVEREST. If there wouldn't be my non existing superpowers, reluctance towards the taste of Red Bull products and my endless unique relationship to my beautiful bed (Guess where I'm located right now). But as you can see, I feel stronger as never before and inspired by nature and surrounding people to make the world to a more beautiful and peaceful place. :)

I'm in love..... with you, SPRING!