Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I'm in love. With all the flower beauties; my first tan tries (sunburned face hellooo) and all the hot sunbeams, which convert my room into a sauna during the day. Quite feeling like a vacuum which absorbs every little sunray. Or like the completely yellow colored shoe from the new Adidas X Pharrel Williams Collection, because I'm happyyy. I'm in love. With all the colourful new streetstyles, this one monotonous twittering bird in front of my window, which preventively should get inspired by his colleagues very very soon and the new upcoming music. My winter depression is definitely gone and I finally changed my favourite song from Sail into Dance, Dance, Dance. Actually caught me yesterday listening to "Wake me up, before you go go"; probably grandma's favourite song at the moment. I'm in love. With all my frustrated spring hairstyles for short hairs (damn new city, new life, new hairstyle-feeling, I want my long hair baaaaack) and all these cheerful Hippie Kiddies on the streets. Even those sulky, pushing and shoving men in suits, who always treat me as their punchbag in the heart of the city, can't get me down. 
Normally they make me feel so aggressiv as when the girl in a horror movie opens all the existing doors and windows in the middle of the night, runs outside and screams: " Is there somebody?". No girl, that was your teddy bear talking with you. I mean, where's the logic? Every normal girl would hide herself under her blanket (because monsters can't hurt you when you're protected by your blanket, of course) and quail for her life. That's why I hate horror movies, beside the fact, that I even can't sleep after a little trailer of a Horror movie. Buuuut you can be proud of me, I watched "The ring", the WHOLE film! Ok ok, during the half (scariest) part of the movie I analysed the palms of my hands hahaha.

Now, back again to the main topic, my FANTASTIC mood.All these latest positive impressions made me become mentally to a second Hulk(ine). I feel like I could jump into my Superman- pyjama and fight against the Phantasm .Or fly so high like all these little cartoon figures with their cute tiny wings in the Red Bull commercials. I even feel like climbing the MOUNT EVEREST. If there wouldn't be my non existing superpowers, reluctance towards the taste of Red Bull products and my endless unique relationship to my beautiful bed (Guess where I'm located right now). But as you can see, I feel stronger as never before and inspired by nature and surrounding people to make the world to a more beautiful and peaceful place. :)

I'm in love..... with you, SPRING!



Friday, 24 April 2015

Do you remember this exaggerated dramatic scene of Forrest Gump, when he finally frees hisself from the chains of his leg braces? When he finally could run like the wind blows and feels free like a bird, cheered on by the love of his life Jenny (could it get more pathetic?). RUUUUUUUN FOOOORRREEEST RUUUUN! Yes, that scene. 10 days ago I experienced this feeling and no, I didn't get the star role for a remake of Forrest Gump. I got sporty: I ran the Vienna City Marathon!!! Wohooo! Ok, I have to admit, it were only 16,1 km, but Hey: Better than my usual Nutella session in the morning! I had the pleasure to start with 42742 other motivated crazy wonderful people, before getting superseded by my three university beauties, who formed a relay together with me. I really saw such a impressive scenery of Vienna while running (Definitely a better one than these lazy touries in these embarrassing red tourie busses).
I felt like the mint leaf in a mojito, one tiny floor of the Burj Kahlifa or the frosting of a cupcake; not as a lone fighter, rather as a small part of something really big! Of course this outstanding feeling didn't last the whole run, there were also moments I'd loved to steal a Vespa on the side of the road and drive to the next Thai massage. Especially during the last five kilometres, when Spotify had to make my life more difficult by playing songs like SOS, Highway to Hell or Chasing Pavements (Lyrics: "Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements?" REALLY ADELE?!). As Forrest would say now: "Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get.", as I would say now: Random function of Spotify - Never ever again! To sum up, this day was a really special one to me, so emotional like a combination out of a visit to Disneyland, Miley Cyrus' video for Wrecking Ball and Mum's delicious Cheering-up-Tiramisu, when someone has another maths, chemistry or summerbody problem (last one: joooke) .
If you ever have the chance to participate on a marathon, don't hesitate, because: When do you ever have the chance again to feel like the female version (or the male double) of Forrest Gump? So, start a marathon and run like Ryan Gosling is waiting for you at the finish line. ;)



Monday, 20 April 2015

Here I am, my first blog. My first post. My first contact to the world wide web. (ok I'm exaggerating, of course I also waste my time on facebook, instagram etc.) Here I am, sitting in my university library, pretending to learn chemistry and getting kind of lost in describing myself. They say, your first post is the most important one, something like the first page of a novel. If it doesn't thrill you, you'll never touch the book again. Or use it as a lighter for a wonderful bonfire, your choice. So here's my little story: I'm Anna, a young girl from Vienna, who just turned 19 (4 days ago, wohooo). Basically I'm just like all the other girls (and boys?): Opening the fridge thousand times a day without taking something; thinking about my answers for past and future conversations, which never happen(ed) and acting out my inner Michael Jackson under the shower. To my friends I'm extroverted, to me I'm introverted. Loving good movies (Pride and prejudice & One Day; Aaaaaaaaah too good!), books, traveling, music and the photography; hating coffee (I know, I'm strange), pressure and long queues at the ladie's toilets. Sometimes I'm sporty, crazy, angry, funny, hungry, lazy, frustrated, stylish, emotional, motivated, creative, but most times I'm curious.
Curious about life. Curious about all the adventures, opportunities and paths you could choose. Quoting the slogan of a famous fashion brand: Just do it! (By the way, my favourite quote) So, here I am, philosophizing about life...perfectly trained in ignoring chemistry stuff in the university library. C'est moi, Anna!