Monday, 20 April 2015



Here I am, my first blog. My first post. My first contact to the world wide web. (ok I'm exaggerating, of course I also waste my time on facebook, instagram etc.) Here I am, sitting in my university library, pretending to learn chemistry and getting kind of lost in describing myself. They say, your first post is the most important one, something like the first page of a novel. If it doesn't thrill you, you'll never touch the book again. Or use it as a lighter for a wonderful bonfire, your choice. So here's my little story: I'm Anna, a young girl from Vienna, who just turned 19 (4 days ago, wohooo). Basically I'm just like all the other girls (and boys?): Opening the fridge thousand times a day without taking something; thinking about my answers for past and future conversations, which never happen(ed) and acting out my inner Michael Jackson under the shower. To my friends I'm extroverted, to me I'm introverted. Loving good movies (Pride and prejudice & One Day; Aaaaaaaaah too good!), books, traveling, music and the photography; hating coffee (I know, I'm strange), pressure and long queues at the ladie's toilets. Sometimes I'm sporty, crazy, angry, funny, hungry, lazy, frustrated, stylish, emotional, motivated, creative, but most times I'm curious.
Curious about life. Curious about all the adventures, opportunities and paths you could choose. Quoting the slogan of a famous fashion brand: Just do it! (By the way, my favourite quote) So, here I am, philosophizing about life...perfectly trained in ignoring chemistry stuff in the university library. C'est moi, Anna!

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  1. Hey cutie <3
    I love your Blog, especially your pictures :)
    I read it nearly 3 times today, because its kind of comforting and one gets the feeling to be part of that world you live in^^
    But you know, I understand nearly everything you write, because we are on the same wavelenght.;)
    Please continue writing, show us some secret places and pictures.
    And also let us follow you on your trips through the world.
    I'm looking forward to it